Help Jefferson Credit Union Make Miracles

Jefferson Credit Union is participating in Miracle Jeans Day, a fundraiser where employees wear jeans to work on September 14 by donating five dollars to Children’s Hospital of Alabama.
Want to join our team in making miracles for the kids at Children’s Hospital of Alabama?  Stop by a branch anytime between August 1 and September 14 and donate a dollar for a Miracle Jeans Day paper icon to display in the branch.  Interested in bringing Miracle Jeans Day to your office?  Visit www.miraclejeansday.org or talk to Buddy Sutter, the Miracle Jeans Day coordinator here at Jefferson Credit Union.
All it takes is a single dollar to help make a miracle!  One critical care crib costs $10,000 on average.  Can we gather enough change to make a difference that significant?  Stop by a Jefferson Credit Union branch today.
Together, we can make miracles happen.