Pay bills online with EasyPay

Paying your bills used to be a chore. Now with EasyPay, it’s a breeze. Just log in to It’s Me 247 and you’re a few clicks away. No checks to write, no envelopes to lick, no stamps, no lost or stolen mail. Just bills paid securely online and on time.
Pay Bills

Pay loans online

Now you can make your monthly Jefferson Credit Union loan payment online through our new online payment portal or online banking. It’s fast, easy, and secure.

You can pay with a credit* or debit card** at our new online payment portal. Your payment will be credited the same business day, and you will be charged a small convenience fee.
Pay Loans
You can also pay through online banking. These payments will be credited immediately and there’s no service charge for using online banking.

JCU loan payments made through JCU Online Banking Portal will be credited immediately. JCU loan payments made through the Loan Payment Portal by 4:00 p.m. CST will be credited on the day the payment is made. Payments made through the Loan Payment Portal will incur a small fee.

* Members incur a fee of 2.95% of the loan payment amount when using a credit card
**Members incur a fee of $4.95 in addition to their loan payment when using a debit card